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Default Two questions - Noise and turn indicator

I have a 1985 Club Car DS with the flat head engine. I have replaced the golf bag rack for a rear set and took two families members for a ride last night. They complaned about the noise and we aren't sure if the exhust is not gassing the back seat. It has the stock, origional muffler. I'm going to check for holes in the muffler, pipes, etc. But is there away to quiet it withouth using power?. Other gas carts around hear or as quiet as cars.

Where would I find the flasher unit for the turn signals? I beleive the cart has the stock light kit. If I turn on the emergency flasher's they blink just fine. If I flip the turn indicator to either left or right the flasher does not work. IS the flash unit/solenoide, (whatever it's called) in the turn signal box located on the steering column or elsewhere in the wireing?


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