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Default Re: axle bearing and seal replacement.

Okay coffee.

Remove the axle nut. Place the axle in the vice so the bearing surface is above the jaws. Tighten the vice. Put a light coat of light oil on the bearing surface. Place the new bearing on the axle, Place the old bearing on top of it. Slide the 3/4 pipe down on top of the axle and tap it with a small heavy hammer until the bearing reaches the seat area.

Observe there is not stop for the bearing & it can be driven too far. If this happens use the removal method to back it off. When the bearing is properly placed remove the pipe and old bearing and slide the axle into the tube.

If the new bearing resists insertion in the tube put the axle nut on backwards to protect the threads and tap the axle until the bearing just passes and exposes the C lip groove. Install C clip.
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