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Default Re: axle bearing and seal replacement.

Originally Posted by cgtech View Post
Others may disagree, but skip 30w, and go for 80w-90 gear lube. Quieter operation with good gear & bearing protection. My opinion is "flat plane" bearings want 30w, gears want "gear lube". Let the opinions fly.... I will add that ezgo has specified everything from "tractor fluid" to "30w" to "somethingW-140" in the same dana axle they have used for years. The gears & bearings have not changed much.
And yet again we agree. I run 75/90 Synthetic GL5 in all mine. They run smooth as butter. As for a press substitute, a 3/4 inch socket works wonders. Just make sure you don't do it to a point that you break your socket. But I have done hundreds and I still use the same socket to this day.
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