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Default Re: axle bearing and seal replacement.

Just wanted to add. I ran into some trouble trying to get the oil seal out, and I don't have a puller. So, I carefully drilled two pilot holes, 180 degrees apart, on the face of the seal. I then inserted two screws, and pulled on the heads with vice grips. On the drivers side, this worked and the seal came right out.

On the passenger side, I had to also very carefully strike the ID of the seal with a flat head screw driver, again 180 degrees apart, to buckle the seal. It than came out no problem when I pulled on the screws.

The key is to not mare the ID of the tube when doing all this. If you do, you need to smooth it out so there is no burr protruding. This can be done with a file, sandpaper, or a stone.
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