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Default Re: Ausco cable disc brake install thread

First a bit of background..... A bit ago I installed the brake kit, and Loved the brakes. There was a small amount rotational noise, initially coming from the passenger side. As time went on, the noise got a bit worse, and also showed up on the drivers side. First I stripped the install off, then made sure everything was clean, no debris of any kind around, and then reinstalled. Once the adjustments were set, the noise was still there, but a bit less.

Scotty sent me a service bulletin about the brakes, which would have removed a shim between the hub and the axle bearing. First off, since this shim was on some carts and not others I was not looking forward to removing everything again to get to the shim, if it was there.....

After reading the service bulletin, I decided to first try the brake adjustment procedure they sorta hinted at in the bulletin, which was different than the procedure in the install sheets.

First I backed off the lock nut on the brake rod, then adjusted the cone nut out towards the end of the rod, until the brake lock would not any longer firmly click and hold the brake lock.

Next I adjusted the cone nut in, two turns, and retried the brake lock. It took me a couple of passes, but finally the brake lock firmly clicked and locked. I added one more turn in (for no good reason), then set the lock nut tight against the cone nut.

Did a road test, a small amount of noise initially, but after several 'hard' braking's, the noise appears to be gone. I believe that the brakes are working as well as they were before.

In retrospect, I believe that the cables were too tight, and that was the cause of the rubbing sound. Time will tell. Right now it looks like it solved the issue I had......

Hope that helps....
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