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Default Re: 2018 Express S4 Gas

Just wanted to update you guys on the situation in case it happens to somebody else one day. As suspected it was the solenoid.

Thanks @kgsc for the link, it helped A LOT as I ran into a problem.

There are quite a few cables in that area and you need to pay attention. I was taking 1 off at a time and putting it on the new solenoid one at a time. Everything was going smooth until one of my kids screamed bloody murder. He got stung by a bee and was freaking out, dropped a few cables and bolts and ran too him. Came back and didn't know what went where LOL.

I tried my best at the moment and think I wired it wrong...I believe I actually fried the new one. Had to get another one and got it wired correctly. Back in business!

Anyways...she's up and running and slapped some new shoes on her!

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