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Default 2006 PrecedentRuns backwards in forward.

I work at the local golf course here in county. We got new '06 Precedent cars in Dec of '05. Last fall one of the OBC went bad. I did all the CC manual's reccomended checks to pinpoint the OBC problem, and then called the dealer. They sent us another OBC under warranty. Installed it and everything worked fine except the motor direction was reversed. Called up dealer tech rep and he gave suggestion to just swap wires at F-N-R switch. I told him that wouldn't be acceptable because it ran forward with the reverse buzzer going full blast. He said he didn't know anymore to tell me. I asked him if they would still honor the warranty if I switched the blue and orange wires from the controller to the motor and he said yes. When I swapped them it ran fine and is still going. This week we had another OBC failure on one of the 40 carts we run at the course and I went through the same ordeal except I didn't bother calling the dealer tech rep to hear him say,"I don't know". I switched the wires and it runs fine.
Anybody got a clue as to what is happening here?
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