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Default would like to verify parts for 48V

I had originally posted in the EZGO section because i read there's more activity there, but in this case it seems reasonable to clarify I'm not working with an ezgo cart.
Our new to us Melex 252 is a lot of fun, but it runs out of steam on longer trips and it's time to upgrade to 48V. In reading it looks like this is a series motor so would an Alltrax sr-48400 be appropriate to replace the existing controller? Besides this, the batteries, the new solenoid/resistor/diode, and a different charger, are there any other pieces to buy?

I noticed that the 48V chargers look like they are 3-wire. Is it appropriate to change them to the 2-wire like the 36V charger, or is it best to replace the connector on the cart? Also it looks like there is a big disparity in charger prices with some on amazon being half that of a traditional charger yet still having good reviews. Do they last?

Thanks in advance for the help
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