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Default Re: The CLONE engine setup & specs thread

Yeah need like 28" tires for the diesel! lol I'd love to have coin for the 20hp v twin diesel. They use them in UK in scooters and motorcyles, they can get 100mpg or something and 40mph etc., there is a cool site/forum about them someplace. The EPA has been really strange about them here that is why you can't find them. Like everyone will pollute the planet saving fuel in their golfcart or whatever they use them for....maybe they can pull rakes down the Gulf beaches with them and use less fuel.

Heck no, cart gas tank will be used and pump. You can get an intake spacer but I looked at this one and think I can drill it for a fitting anyway. Air box is not very good may have to buy the hose connector for that not sure. Exhaust, not sure either. Has cast iron manifold straight up then a flat muffler on it. I can make a plate to bolt on and weld pipe...will have to see where it is in the cart. I may use its muffler for this one or for now just move it so it don't set the seat on fire. I hope the carb has no problems with a pump, nobody said they did.

Clutch- yes bought the adapter from CPP $50. Will make brackets to mount the generator. I think I can rig a relay from the cart ignition switch to short the key switch on when the pedal is down, the generator should operate as it did. I have some super secret plans for adding a spring to the stock clutch but never tried it hope I can. This guy I rebuilt his like new last year.

Trying to decide if I should split the case when its all clean and yank the governor parts out. Found one site said the flywheel key can just be ground to advance it, can also buy them. Even the idle screw has a cap on it so you can't adjust it, lol, right.

Sucker has compression it don't pull over that easy. Also the throttle and choke are plastic linkage parts. That starter is a tiny thing, I got it because the price is not that much different and you never know might swap it or use that way in the future. The guy also said the place next to him carries parts for them. I was wondering about a high rpm kit, but read a guy who is running one hard with nothing and no problems. I don't wind it out that much just here and there. It also has a low oil sensor.

I'll have to take my camera and some photos of the mount we build and all that.
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