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Default Re: The CLONE engine setup & specs thread

Ok I will quickly go over a few things I did for my clone install. This is an ezgo but it has a yamaha g2 rear end.

Motor mounts - I made myself...see the pics in link.
Key switch - took out of the big blue box, stetched harness, and installed in the dash...make sure to connect the small wire to ground or the engine wont turn off.
Fuel system - Get rid of the gas tank on the engine! I've always had these leak at the cap, they are hard to fill up and they dont hold enough fuel to go any more than 30 miles. I used a new original ezgo tank and a universal pulse fuel pump from any riding lawnmower shop. I tapped into the valve cover for the pulse line and installed a 1/4" barb fitting from lowes for the fuel line. The barb just screws into the hole you drill but I also put jb weld around the base to seal it good.
Throttle cable - see pics. This is the best way I have found to do it and it works perfect.
Choke cable- I drill a hole in the choke lever on the engine and fasten the cable to it. The pics explain it easier.
Exhaust - scrap the stock muffler unless you like the sound of lawnmowers. I bent a custom exhaust header from 1.25" tubing and welded it to a Thrush car muffler.
Intake - I rerouted the intake to the bagwell for more clearance and cooler cleaner air. I made a snorkel from 1.5" flexible plumbing hose I got from lowes.
Clutch - Comet 780 from CPP but I doubt these are available still.

I guess thats all there is to it. Have fun. Stay safe. Enjoy.

Here's the link for pics
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