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Default Re: The CLONE engine setup & specs thread

The crank on the stock engine is very short like 1.25". There is a shoulder on the clone but even 1.25 past that is taking near half the 1" part eye. It says you can't leave crank beyond the adapter. I suppose you can mount the clutch away from the engine but the shoulder is over .5" to start with. Still not finding the stock bolt size think it is an oddball 13mm. I know the puller is 14mm had one of those made it worked great. The bolt shaft is very close to .500". We might just make it 1/2-20 and find a bolt.

It is a Lifan 16hp.

Found the G9 manual it says its a 1/2-20 thread, not sure why the two taps I tried did not fit well but that is what it is.
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