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Default Mcor & Controler Confusion ?????

I have this 04 Precedent all stock, good batteries all connections good. It just
intermitantly stops then goes. I have been fighting this for monts so gave up
and decided to do what I do not believe in, just changing parts...
I ordered a new solenoid, mcor and controler. My now problem is I am not sure of what I got. It appears that one stock number applies to more than one item. here is what I have

Mcor Controler
old mcorII CC 1-15302 Mod 1510-5201
ITW40-60001VM410 Ser # 4092CCR140373J

New mcor cc1 1021011 48 V 250 Amp
ITW40 800007 PT # 102806201
M728 Mod 1510A-5251
Ser # 08212P-405005
ALL of the above came directly off of the mcor and controller they all look physicaly the same.

could not get any help from Club Car went to curtis and found several controlers that share the same numbers. some 0-5K and some 5k-0. my big question is all of this compatible? need and appriciate help from someone with more knowlege than I have. I do know that they must match after that????????????????? THANKS
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