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Default 96-97 club car moves when the key is off or on with out pressing the accelerator

I have owned a 96-97 electric club car for 7 years now. It is a 36 volt system with the v-glide windshield wiper piece (I don't understand too much how this cart works with out a dedicated controller). Replaced the batteries a few years ago, and recently replaced the rear shoes and drums. The problem is the cart will not stop, regardless if the ignition switch is on or off. By move I mean, like a constant slow creep in which ever direction the gear switch is selected, reverse or forwards. I looked inside when it wouldn't stop, and it appears when I move the gear leaver from forwards to reverse there is a spark, like a short that happens at the neutral point. I am not sure what to do, or what parts need to be replaced. If I need to provide any more information or details just ask.

Thank you in advance,
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