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Default Bobcat 900 Carryall By Clubcar (gas)

I just got in a customers carry-all. He says the starter gen is new,But likely burnt up. Battery was almost dead when we pushed it off the trailer.Customer turned key on and then to start and I heard the solonoid click lightly. I did see that they put a heavy duty switch(300 amp) in the pos cable to shut off system for some reason. Also customer turned on ignition and then to start as if it were a car. I suspect its set up like a car to set and idle when you get off of it . This is a Bobcat Carry all.Model 900. Built by Club Car. My questions to you are

1-Is this supposed to operate like a golf cart and quit when you let off the accelerator?
2-Is it supposed to start off the switch and ilde till the switch is turned off ?
3-Do you have any diagrams or service info for this model (wiring)?

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