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I am working on a 2007 Yamaha g29 (YRDE) and it has me stumped
originally the owner claimed to have seen smoke then the cart wouldn't start and he assumed it was the voltage reducer. He took it off and when he bought the replacement it wasn't exactly the same so he towed it to me.
I did the basics to insure the battery pack was fully charged and all the cable were cleaned.I have the manual and did the tests for cart will not operate in either direction no solenoid clicking.
of 16 tests #7 says to confirm reverse buzzer works so it does not ! on to test for reverse buzzer and step #4 says continuity good replace motor controller. just to be on the safe side i removed the motor controller from my 2007 G29 and tried the customers dead as a door nail. Reconnected mine and all was good.
So I ordered a new controller and solenoid and installed them today .
CRICKETS absolutely dead same as before. I have opened he wiring loom and checked for any burnt or broken wires and have found nothing and all the fuses and the tow/run switch is new and good.I haven't tried the new controller in my cart since the wife is golfing but I will later . I have done the step by step tests 1-16 in the manual and it says to replace the controller
it was brand new in an unopened box so i suspect there is something I have missed or the manual didn't show in the tests.I spoke to the service tech at the dealer and according to him I did it all correctly.
Any Ideas I'm Stumped ?
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