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Unhappy Re: no action any where

I got a small window of no rain so I went and disconnected the TPS but it made no difference
all the red yellow wires have battery voltage but it acts as though there is no grounds anywhere. Correct me if i'm wrong but the om;y ground to the controller is the A 2 connection from the bat controller and then to the A 2 terminal on the motor as a joint cable?? all the other grounds are from the controller to the various switches and sensors IE: main plug terminals 3,4,6,24.
these grounds are turned on by the controller?
all my attempts are with the motor wiring connected and i have no put the old solenoid back since when I ground the red black wire manually the solenoid clicks but noting else happens.
any other suggestions are more than welcome nut i am going to put the harness back on my other cart tomorrow
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