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Default Re: Winch Amps and Voltage Reducer? How many amps can I draw?

Well I just answered my own question. The winch is limited to 30amps when running through the voltage reducer and therefore will not pull crap lol.

When directly hooked to 12v battery or my case (2x8v=16) there is much much much more power. I feel many people should know this in the sense that your winch will work when hooked up to a voltage reducer for the snow plow but don't try and pull your buggy out of the ditch because it won't. Trust me, i just tested it.

I would hate to be in the woods and not know this. It may be common sense for many, but it was not for me and could have be costly lol.

In short, I will alligator clip it to the voltage reducer's fuse bus to work the plow, but if I get stuck and actually need the winch, it will be direct wired to the 16v's. I realize I should probably get a separate 12v but don't want to carry the weight unless I make a habit of off roaring and getting stuck.
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