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Default Re: Basic Nissan Leaf 7 module Lithium setup with Generic Chinese BMS


Thank you for laying out a blueprint and parts list. I am going to start to acquire all the components and slowly build. I would be working a DS, so the tub is my first hurdle that comes to thought. I have seen some that just mount on a piece of plywood, but also look at Pingguy's builds and want it to be as neat as that. But I could bench build to a drop in over time now that I have an idea and then install in one or two days. I still have to clear in my head how to set up HV and LV controls with the Relay from the BMS. I can follow the schematic but want to see one complete. Also wondering if the ZEVO is not a better option than saving the money. Especially for the challenged like myself.

This is a project that is worth educating yourself and not rushing for the sake of safety. Thank you all for educating us.
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