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Default Re: Can Flood/Salvage Carts be rebuilt?

I ordered a new switch with a different key as well.

Hard to tell on the water line but it looks to be fairly low on this one as the rust is mainly at suspension level. The batteries look like toast so the water may have been that high and only the main +/- cables are there.

I went out and looked at a large number of carts there. They range wildly in condition and some were obviously completely submerged. All had batteries and most had all the cables. Practically all the carts had suspension rust. Most had a water line part way up the controller box.

The winning bids were $2k+ for carts that were lifted and/or customized but DS models trended lower. Some older DS models were sub $1k. I got my Precedent for $1k. I did not follow EZ-GO carts as I was worried about frame rust.
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