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Default Re: "83 EZGO Fuel delivery issue

Just wanted to update you guys...the old '83 lives to see another season! In summary, I swapped the crank, all the bearings, clutch, and installed new CS seals and she runs perfect. Got sidetracked a little when I still didn't have fuel to the carb. I had to pressurize the fuel tank a bit to get fuel to the pump. Once the pump picked that up I was good to go. Lubed the driven clutch..R&R'd it with racin161 instructions, Thanks.

Thanks Dave B for the advice on the fuel pump/crankcase pressure. There is no way I would have figured that out on my own.

Next project is to try and adapt a top to this thing. I have the factory brackets but I just won't spend the $100+ bucks it takes to ship a new top. Are there any alternatives??
Thanks again to all.....

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