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Default Re: 1998 Club Car Electric noise

Originally Posted by OLD MEC View Post
Sounds like the Guide Ring part # 101789101 needs installed or replaced ( this acts as support for motor shaft on differential input shaft side )? This is located inside the splined shaft of motor ands acts as spacer-silencer between motor shaft and differential input shaft. Often with motor changes these are missed and or not replaced. Along with the Guide Ring you need a new retainer ring part #101822801 and adhesive to install part # 101813202. It does require the removal of motor to install.
WARNING when removing wiring use ( 2 ) wrenches, one to hold lock nut nearest motor while other is used to lossen nut holding cable in place. ( very easy for stud to rotate damaging wiring inside motor ) As cables are removed mark them with tape and location on motor housing.

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