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Default Re: InfiniteReality's '99 Lowered EZGO TXT Build

Kicking rocks with random ideas. 9in android screen and possibly a rear view camera mounted in a universal fin. Likely will run 2way 6.5 speakers for the dash and 2way 6x8 for the forward face of the seat area.

Also purchased a pair of 6ckt fuse blocks (with grounds) for constant and ignition 12v, as well as a higher amperage 4ckt. fuse block. The latter is overkill for a cart, but should make for a cleaner install versus separate components. Sketching out the backpanel layout (to scale) with a wiring diagram for it all. 8ga cable will feed each 6ckt block, 12 and 16ga will feed my miscellaneous 12v items.

Lots of other miscellaneous items purchased, I'll list them out as they get installed or when I sit down at my PC and have some time. Build is officially "out of hand", but thoroughly enjoying the planning stage. I can't wait to get the body pulled off and start wiring, mounting and tubing everything. Hoping to do all of that in between my attempt to paint the body. Just trying to have as much as possible ready so I can have as little down time as possible, my 2yr old loves to make rides do I.
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