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Default Re: 2022 HP LiIon questions. 12V accessory hookup & top speed

Originally Posted by covfefe View Post
Hi all,

Wondering if anyone knows where can add a couple fuses for a 12V output for things such as LEDs, Bluetooth speaker, etc?

Also the cart surges to around 22 then is obviously governed back down to 19. I cannot find if anyone is flashing or making speed controllers to overcome this. The cart is incredibly quick from 0-22 and we have a 1/4 drive on a 35MPH road we take daily, would be nice to at least cruise at 25.

Thanks in advance.
Your cart is a PTV, personal transportation vehicle and as such 19 MPH is the maximum permitted by law. Fast starting momentum will carry it to 20 or 22 before it settles back down to 19. LSV, low speed vehicles are permitted to go 25 MPH max. These are street legal carts specifically designed for this purpose.

Those are the laws concerning new vehicles. Of course, mods are available to go much faster, depending on how much you want to replace, such as controller, motor, etc.

The best thing to do is get a fuse block to connect to your 12 volt reducer if you have one. How is your 12 volt output achieved now? If it is a 16 to 12 reducer, I would recommend getting a 48 to 12 reducer to prevent unbalancing the pack under heavy usage.
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