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Default Re: Guide to tell if Club Car is Series or Sepex(regen) system

Originally Posted by crash test dummy

How to tell the difference between a Series and a Regen cart. CLUB CAR
(4 easy ways to tell the difference - Use at least 2 of 5 to confirm.)

1. Does the Golf Cart have a Tow/Run switch or Run/Maintenance switch? This would be under the seat. If the cart DOES have this switch, it is a Regen (Regenerative Braking) cart.
If there is NOT a switch, then its a Series cart.
See examples below

Club Car
Tow/Run Switch

2. Series Vehicle Features

Club Car Series Cart Features.

Does the motor have a speed sensor wire protruding from the end head? If the answer is YES, then it is a Regen motor.
If there is NO speed sensor lead on the motor, then it is a Series motor.

Club Car Regen Motor

4. Are there 2 smaller diameter (1/4-20 UNC) terminals and 2 larger diameter (5/16-18 UNC) terminals on the motor?
Or are all 4 terminal studs on the motor the same size (5/16-18 UNC)?
If there are 2 smaller and 2 larger terminals bolts, its a Regen motor.
If all 4 bolts are the same size, then its a Series motor.

5. What do the motor Field Coil Windings Look Like?
a. Regen motors have "shunt" or "round wire" coils, usually with smaller gauge wire (12AWG - 24AWG range). Usuaully, with a large amount of turns (60 to 200+ turns) per field coil.
b. Series motors have "flat wire" coils with larger wire sizes. Usually, the wire is rectanular in shape (cross-section). These coils have a much lower number of turns (usually 5 to 15 turns) per field coil.

Note: A Regen cart will normally automatically slow down when you hit approximately 15 MPH going down a hill. This is for safety reasons (as not to over-spin the armature).
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