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Originally Posted by LukeL View Post
I did get it correct on the second try!

I tried to warn you before hand... those pistons are directional! Luckily you caught it early. Most of the time it'll wreck the cylinder when you install it backwards.

but back to the original question, i've never worked on one of these motors specifically. When I have it pulled out to replace the crank seals, is there anything else I should pay particular attention while it's out? I'd really rather only pull it out once.

It's a cheap cart and I don't really intend to do a "full restoration" on it. (I also picked up a cheap gas DS I'm going to go through and make really nice.) I was just going to make this ezgo run right, and redo the seat so my kids can drive it around for the summer. and then end of summer, do a little paint and trim work on it to make it look presentable and sell it when they go back to school in a few months. Right now the task is to just get it to run like it should. I can get the crank seals up the road at my local dealer, I just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else I should replace while I'm in there (points??? Not sure what kind of ignition this has...)
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