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Default 96 DS Potentiometer questions - hand control mod

Sorry for yet another post on this topic. I've read and read posts on this and greatly appreciate all the information on this board on these carts.

I do have a couple of questions that I haven't been able to find the answer to.
Background information is that this is a 1996 Club Car with the potentiometer accelerator control. It has new batteries. The original problems were that it was very slow going forward and had no reverse. I replaced the reverse microswitch and that fixed reverse for a short time, but it's out again. I've been concentrating on the slow speed and haven't went back to retest the new microswitch. I may end up just replacing the entire F/W assembly.

It was moving very slow, even after new batteries. I have it on stands now. Before I disconnected the old potentiometer, only the left (drivers) wheel was turning. I removed the right wheel to check the brakes and now only it's turning. I assume that's a function of the differential, but maybe that tells you how little power is getting to the wheels.

Anyway, on to the potentiometer. I did the resistance test on the purple and yellow wires and all I got was about 2.5k to 0. So it sounds like it needs replaced. Just to test, I purchased 5K to 0 potentiometer at Radio Shack. I realize that it won't work as full replacement because of the amount of travel, but worth $3.50 for testing. However, with it attached to purple/yellow wires, I'm getting no movement with it. I did verify it's 5k - 0 ohm rating is correct.

Now here's the wrench I'm thinking of throwing into this. Once I determine what needs to be replaced to get the cart back up and running, I'm considering moving the throttle control to a hand activated mechanism. The reason is that the cart is my dads and he has a hard time using the accelerator pedal. He's okay with the brake so I don't have to change that. Your thoughts on that are appreciated.

Here's my questions:

I have the wiring diagram so I can trace where the connections go on the cart, but I don't know their function.

The white wire, that is connected to the black wire that runs to the micro switches on the F/R assembly. What is it's purpose? I connected the yellow and purple wires to the radio shack potentiometer, but didn't disturb the white wire since I can't see what it's connected to in the controller box (see next question about that)

I haven't been able to remove the potentiometer assembly for some reason. I took everything loose, but I can't get it to budge. What is the procedure for this? I tried removing the main rod that has the parking brake locking plate on it, but it doesn't move much and I'm afraid to force it without confirmation that it should come out.

What is the accelerator limit switch for? Does it need to be closed to move or open to move?

I really appreciate any advice you can give me on this. I've spent a bit of time testing and researching but my dad is chomping at the bit to get his cart back. Also, we just spent $600 on the batteries. I'm aware of the upgrade options for the accelerator control, but put like to exhaust my other options before I have to consider the costly upgrades. Or at least confirm that it would correct the problem.
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