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Default Re: ag9651 club car intermittent spark

Originally Posted by jeffr View Post
With no kill wire attached to the coil, the spark comes and goes. I have bought 2 coils and each one sparked for about 10 seconds then quit.Are these aftermarket coils any good. The origional one works intermittently. The car was built late enough in the year that is has the ignitor in it. What am i missing, from what I have read the rev limiter dosen't need to be hooked up for the engine to run.
Could the magnet be week enough to cause this , I have never see that happen. Although it seems ok.
This is a simple flywheel mag it's not that complicated. any ideas.
Extremely unlikely that the flywheel magnet is bad; why would it run at all if it were ? I have heard of bad coil / ignitor units faulty from the box, have you bought new ones ? Sent them back for replacement ? I know it's a PITA but have you tried a good known item from another cart ? After you lose spark, how long until it kicks in again ? Lots of ???? I know but it helps us help you.

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