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Default Re: 10.4v to coil wires until i hook up coil, then zero

Starting to feel awfully alone in this thread.....

Alright - the HEI module is installed - and 3.1v to the coil using the wires to the coil to test. NOW, if I attach the DMM ground to the coil wire coming off the HEI (which goes to the - side of the coil) and the other to the solenoid where the coil + wire goes, I get 10.4v while turning it over, then drops to 4.1, and bounces all over the place ... AND if I go from the HEI~coil wire (-) to the battery +, I get 10.4v when turning it over (which tells me the HEI seems to be doing what it's supposed to)

Is it possible that the solenoid is not giving consistant voltage? when I go to turn the cart over, it slowly ramps up to starting speed, that seems to make me think the solenoid isn't working correctly, but I'm literally a musician - not a mechanic - and I've found what's logical isn't always what's right.

Any Ideas? ANYONE? Thanks in advance
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