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Default Re: Some questions about Lithium battery use.

Originally Posted by Volt_Ampere View Post
You need to do a lot of reading to get up to speed on Lithium batteries and how to properly set up and care for them.
Thank you for the reply. I have read a lot of the builds and posts. I understand a lot more than my question shows.

I tried to say that the questions were very basic. After looking at the ebay post more thoroughly I realize not quite what I am looking for. So that question answered.

Many post here that a golf cart can go miles before needing a charge. So it can also be driven to being very discharged and not available for use the next day. That is the jy of having family using the cart. So I feel asking if anyone can tell me if Charging after every use will harm batteries is a legit question.

Just wanted to confirm my reducer was good, even though I am confident it is.

Many say cart should never be left charging unattended. Find that a little worrisome,

Last just confirming a source beyond that for which i all ready find that a lot of people use and will ask them the questions.
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