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Default 2010 precedent excel i2 w/excel braking

Hi guys,
New to the forum and carts in general. I'm waiting on a response from Plum Quick so I figured I would post my question on here as well. I have a 2010 precedent excel i2 with a PH vin. I talked to PQ two weeks ago about doing the Bandit upgrade and I just received the motor last week. I'm very pleased with the results are far as speed and torque go, nice gains. But the cart has very strong regen or excel braking kicking in when you let off the throttle. It did not do this before and it's building some major heat in the motor. Can a dealer turn this feature off. I know the Bandit is supposed to do away with regen but not on this one . Any body have any ideas while I wait for the PQ gents to get back to me?
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