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Default Re: 2019 Onward Kohler Issues

Originally Posted by Karpsta View Post
So has anyone hear if Kohler/Club Car have an actual solution to this issue yet? We had our dealer replace the O2 sensor and ECU back in December (took a month to get the parts) and we're back to having the same issues.

Unfortunately we have only 1 dealer near us, and they are pretty worthless.
Nope...complete and utter silence from both CC AND Kohler. I had a chance to buy 4 of these back in Jan of this year for a song (if I took them all and took them "as-is") and I noped to the entire deal. Great looking carts, but with that Kohler drivetrain they may as well be garbage. I cannot believe that Club Car paired up with that company...they have a VERY long history of producing junk engines. They're going to impact Club Car and their reputation. The Kohler of the past is long gone....seriously, I'd rather have an engine from Harbor Freight than one from Kohler. Yes, they're THAT bad....
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