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Old 02-28-2012, 10:36 AM   #1
hot rod
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Default 88 ezgo 2 cycle engine and fuel problems

thanks to dave for info. got cart running for about 3 min. revup and the clutch started slipping and cart died. pulled back to garage and let set for about 30 min. the cart started right up and i backed it out of garage. put cart in forward and it sputtered and died. i have know idea what is going on with this cart. seems like i get on problem solved and another pops up. bought used and have done a lot of work to get it in better shape and i believe it was running better before i replaced the old parts. have had the cart a year and half. and the last half year it has been down more than running. need some advice on where to go from here. changed both clutches in jan, overhaul top only last feb. new spark pug, fuel line, fuel filter,carb rebuild,fuel at 1:128 mix. check if bottom end had play. seem tight. all belts replaced when clutches were replaced. i still do not think it is electrical because the plug has good spark. help! hot rod
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Default Re: 88 ezgo 2 cycle engine and fuel problems

I wouldnt assume your spark is good quite yet. If it will run for a bit and then dies that's almost textbook ignition failure. They heat up, they break down and stop running then fire right back up after they cool down.
Also, I don't think we've seen a compression reading yet. I know it got a new top end last year but it sounds like it runs better in reverse, so maybe the piston is backwards? or maybe it ate a ring or melted a piston. Stranger things have happened, expecially if it ran lean at any point during its fuel problems.
Have you checked to make sure both your crank seals are good?
In my experience with pulse pumps for the fuel pump, they either work, or they don't, especially if they will fire up and then die a couple minutes later. Those pumps will lose their anti-drainback every once in a while but that would make it harder starting, not stalling once running.

Last thought, what do you mean by slipping clutches? they will slip on the drive side of things until they hit the engagement RPM, that's normal, if they slip once your up and going, thats not so good.

I expect Dave will be along shortly as well, that guy is full of great info.
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Default Re: 88 ezgo 2 cycle engine and fuel problems

hot rod,, I know you have heard this before but,,,, ignition failure does happen in the chamber on running, The coil will break down under load, I know cause this was my problem after all that I did to mine just as you have. Put an after market coil and new coil wire on ( HEI upgrade) you'll be surprised at the difference it makes over a stock system. If you have already done this I don't know what else to tell you at this point. there is a thread some where on the forum that has part #'s and all the electrical hook up for it. If you cann't find it let me or all of us know and I'm sure one of us will post it again or point you in the correct direction for the up grade.....Donald
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