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Default Yamaha Torque Kit Instructions

Yamaha Torque Kit Installation:

Note: Be sure to use safety stands under the cart frame/axle to help brace the cart while the cart is lifted off the floor/ground

If you have to use a puller on the rear sheave, the thread size is 6mm.

Tools Needed:
1. rubber hammer
2. regular hammer
3. half inch or three eights drive with 17 mm socket
4. 2x4
5. piece of wood cut into a wedge shape
6. good ratcheting tie down strap
7. small amount of grease
8. penetrating oil
9. steering wheel/harmonic balancer puller (maybe)
10. Safety Stands or equivalent for bracing cart
1. Lift the cart from the rear axle and place some stands under it (safety first and for most), also place something in front of the front wheels to keep it from moving
2. Remove drivers rear tire and belt
3. Take the wedge of wood and wedge it between the rear frame and both outer edges of rear clutch assembly (bottom towards the top) lightly hammer in place
4. Remove the 17 mm nut on the outer sheave
5. Spray the shaft with some penetrating oil and remove the outer sheave
Note: this can be a very difficult job and you may have to use the steering wheel/harmonic balancer puller
There is a half moon key that locks the position of the outer sheave to the shaft and can cause the outer sheave to become frozen on the shaft making it very difficult to remove
6. Take the 2x4 and light pry between the two sheaves to remove the outer sheave
7. Remove the half moon key and throw away plastic washer
8. Remove inner sheave, spring, and coupler/housing
9. Remove the c-clip on back of shaft
10. Install the new washer/spacer with the hollow part toward the inside of the shaft, flat part facing you
11. Reinstall the coupler/housing
12. Install the new spring
13. Lightly grease the shaft and inner bushing on the inner sheave
14. Reinstall the inner sheave
Note: very high-tension spring
Take the ratcheting tie down strap and place it around the inner sheave, top of shaft, and around the passenger side and rear frame (make sure you can easily get to the ratchet part of the tie down and that it is very secure)
Slowly start to tighten the tie down (you will have to at times move the inner sheave back and forth or up and down and push on it to keep it from sticking sideways on the shaft)
15. Reinstall the half moon key and outer sheave
16. Reinstall the nut hand tight and remove the tie down strap
17. Place the wedge of wood between frame and both outer edges of sheaves again (top toward the ground this time) lightly hammer in place and tighten the nut
18. Reinstall belt, tire, and wheel
19. Recheck everything to make sure it is tight, no grease on either sheave, belt, etc?
20. Take off and enjoy the ability to climb anything

Compliments of spriddle.

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