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Default EZGO Clutch

Does the design of this assembly date this golf cart? I was able to remove the long bolt out on this but I don't know what to expect next, or what is supposed to release that assembly from the driveshaft of the motor.

I read on another thread about removing a snap ring but there is no snap ring surrounding that round washer that the long bolt tightened into.

I can easily move that assembly back and forth, as the video shows by audio.

Lots of dirt is falling from this assembly where the front side is smooth from the belt riding against it. I was hoping to remove and inspect, see if it is all gunked up from the last guy that owned it.

When this golf cart is cold, meaning just started up, that cart hardly moves. Start riding it around and it gets better, but the problem is still there with the slow moving around on any uphill inclines.
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Default Re: EZGO Clutch

Here's what I found on this site, relative to my situation:

I'm assuming post #26 is my answer, as this clutch assembly is pressed on to the shaft of the motor.

3/4" wide bolt with a small slug rod to force it off, I can see that working.

Am I going to have to angle the axle down, lift the motor up to get this assembly off? I'm hoping not to do anything more but it's right up against the axle.

I found this

but the problem is it doesn't match the pictures that are in the thread above in clutch replacement, along with the time frames they are stating.

My model is coming back at KO685, which I would assume 1985 EZGO golf cart.

I punched my serial # into that website and came back with nothing, so I filled out a form for someone to contact me regarding the clarification of this cart.
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Default Progress today

Usually when I take an interest, want to get started on something I'll carry it through every time.

Here's a mistake, and then a compression test:

The part I'm shaking isn't what's wrong, it's where that belt connects to and that was mentioned on another thread, I just didn't know which was which. DOH!!!

Anyway, the compression test revealed over 100 on a dry test, 120 on a wet test. (oil in the cylinder)

It's a 1985 Marathon.

I dealt with this company down in florida:

The part I need is

which is the drive clutch, I can turn those two shieves sp? almost 4" back and forth from each other. Basically that huge spring in the drive clutch is broken.

The fellow I spoke to, Norm said there should be no more than an 1" of movement back and forth.

The part is $169 plus shipping is $200 delivered to the shop.

Local EZGO wanted $269 for that same part, $155 to install. No guarantee on when it would be fixed, not even before the 4th of july.

I'll post pictures of the installation when it arrives, but today was a good day as I now know what year the cart is which makes it better for parts and accessories.

Ordered light blue LEXAN glass for the glass in the front of this golf cart for a windshield and My total investment by the time this is all over with, some new tire tubes and basic fuel filters and what not...

Maybe $1000.00 and now it will be almost mechanically sound, given the one and only real issue, is resolved.

I'm writing this all out for others because I've spent quite a bit of time looking at other threads..and it's exhausting when you cannot find everything you are looking for to resolve your problem.

The guy who sold this golf cart didn't want the $400 to put into it that would fix the problem, I'm gettin' R' done for $200 with gaining some good knowledge about the cart. Things I need to know.
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ezgo clutch, ezgo clutch assembly
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