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Default EZ gas golf cart, starter spinning but engine no starting

I'll preface this with I'm a bit mechanically challenged, can usually figure things out just takes a while. The engine on our cart will not start, the starter is spinning, engine is getting gas, spark and air but the engine will not start. The kids were riding it around the neighborhood and it just stopped running. The radio was on while the kids were riding it and they mentioned radio interference when the gas pedal was pushed. The radio worked fine while the cart was not on which leads me to believe we may have an electrical issue, but i have no idea on where to begin to troubleshoot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: EZ gas golf cart, starter spinning but engine no starting

You say it's getting gas and spark.....but how do you know this? When you press the gas and the engine attempts to start, do you smell unburned gas? Just for "funzies" have you put in a new spark plug?

If your going to pull the spark plug to see if it sparks, I'm going to tell you to be extremely careful. When I worked for a living (pre-retirement) I had several golf course clients who had (at that time) owned their carts. One had his maintenance guy working on carts one day (normal day) and the fellow went to check the cart for spark. Well, he was down on his knee looking at the plug (plug was pulled and against the motor) and it just happen that the engine cylinder was at the the bottom of a stroke and "full" of a gas\air mix. Well, when he hit the start, the gas\air mix came out of the spark plug hole.....right past the spark plug, which of course sparked and ignited the fuel\air mix. At that moment the poor guy happen to be inhaling a breath. Well, he inhaled his lungs full of the fuel\air mix which then ignited and of course, it went into his lungs and it was awful. The poor man was married with one young child. He died by the time the ambulance got him to the hospital.

I don't post this for doom and gloom. I post this to make sure you stay safe. If you don't know what your doing.....think before you do something. If you really don't.....take it to someone who does know. A few dollars is worth it and far less than a funeral cost....or the cost of being disabled.

Yeah....I know.....Sucky post. But you gotta be careful with this stuff!!
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Default Re: EZ gas golf cart, starter spinning but engine no starting

Starting a second thread on the same issue won't help get results faster it will actually take longer because people don't know what's already been said/checked keep it to one post for better results
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