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Default To Charge Or "not" To Charge...???

hi all. im sure that this has been covered before, but im wingin it right now and would like some input on charging my old work horse 36v. CC with new trojan batteries and a lestronic II auto charger.

we use her here on the old farm almost daily, or every other. use loads are light to heavy depending on the day or week. i understand we need to charge her after every "heavy" use and not let the batteries set dead. i feel like i might be over charging though on light uses and light weeks... guess my questions are these...

#1. should i recharge after daily after a 1/2 to 1 hour use?(light use)


#2. on light weeks with light use, should i just watch the battery level gauge and only recharge when it gets to low zone?

and #3. should i let them descharge down at times and make heavy charges?

these may have different views and i may have secondary questions at times through out. and THANK YOU for a great site/forum. brad
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Default Re: To Charge Or "not" To Charge...???

I have heard a good golf cart battery has the capability to do 1000 deep cycles in it's lifetime. OR 2000 half cycles. These are very rough numbers and your mileage may vary!!! It is best not to do any deep cycles or long periods of inactivity (lettin' em set). Always check the water level and clean the cable connections. All these maintenance things effect the life span.
I use a led type battery charge indicator on my electrics. They can be hard wired so they are always on cause they use like a nano amp of juice. This way you can read it as you walk by or whenever. I use the lighted bars type and here's how I check it to start....Charge the pack and let it set 45 minutes, then get a pack reading on the bunch. For your 36v that can be as much as say 45 volts. Run it as usual until the gauge drops one bar. Check the pack voltage and make a note what it reads. If the reading is above 38v go until the gauge lighting drops down another bar. Check it now and record the reading. Do this a couple of times to verify. Do it under light loads and then again under the heavy loads. Soon you will know exactly how far you can go without being too hard on the batteries. NOTE: 36 volts is empty on the electric fuel gauge. Do not run the batts below this as damage can occur resulting in shorter lifetime. Hope this helps. Sounds like you got a bead on it. Good luck!
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Default Re: To Charge Or "not" To Charge...???

For what it's worth, heres how I treat my batteries.

I have light usage about 50% of the time. This means I may go to the mail box on one of my carts 20 times in a 2 or 3 month period. Thats 20 minutes run time. Hence, I only charge my batteries once every 2 or 3 months. At this rate, I'm not burning up batteries by charging them so much. Remember? they are only good for so many charges. They never get low enough to hurt anything of course. Just like any other lead-acid battery they will recover a little on their own anyway. This is somewhat the same principal as the person who stores his cart over the winter. Just charge it once in a while.

On the other hand, I may use one of mine heavily for several days in a row. Then the batteries get charged every night.

The key feature here is the automatic charger. It just puts back what they are missing.

Again this is merely what I do and I always have really good batteries.

Still, there are different strokes for different folks.
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Default Re: To Charge Or "not" To Charge...???

thank you guys, way cool. this will help ease my mind alot! thanks again for the input and will be watching for more input if needed. brad
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