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Default Carb Rebuild and other questions 295

I got a 94ish Medalist the other day. When I got it, the previous owner said it didnt run because it had no compression. But I found it to have 180-185psi. Also found to have plugs that were HEAVILY carboned.. As my buddy says the only place he ever saw plugs that bad was in one of those charts for diagnosing problems, LOL.

I cleaned the plugs and sprayed some brake cleaner in the carb. It kicked right over till it backfired and caught it all on fire. After I put gas in it(tank was dry) it would crank and crank until it started pissing gas out of the vent holes for the carb.

Well, I took it to the shop and pulled the carb to clean it. Took it as far apart as I could, which ended up just being to remove the bowl and float, clean the needle and seat, and remove the cap over the pilot jet. I couldn't get the main jet out, as it is like stuck in there really good.

Blew it out as best I could with carb cleaner, put new plugs in it, and it pretty much fired right up. Wasnt overflowing out of the bowl, so that was good.. However...
The only way I can keep it running is to modulate the choke. If i let the choke go, it dies. If I choke it too much, it loses power and bogs down. If I play with the choke, the **** thing runs really good.

Id like to tear the carb all the way down and make sure its good. Is there any writeups on it? Anyone ever run into this stuck jet issue? I try to loosen it and the brass starts to chip off. I got the big dipper basket of carb cleaner that will strip the carb down to perfect clean metal, but want to get the jets out first.

Issue #2:
When we went to fire it up after having the carb off, I forgot to hook the breather hose back up and when I revved the engine up it spewed oil everywhere. Come to find the oil level WAAAAAY too high. I drained the oil and replaced with about 1.5-2 quarts(dont remember exactly but right at the fill mark). Now that I got it running last night by choking it, I also notice that it burns oil like a freight train. My compression is perfect as far as I can tell, so is this probably just residual oil from the previous knucklehead burning off?
Considering the previous owner overfilled it to the hilt(oil poured out of the airbox) and kept trying to get it running with no success, Im wondering if the muffler is just full of oil and needs to get burned out.. Or is it common that the valve stem seals or something go bad. Im doubting its rings?

Thanks. And apologize for the rambling post. Apparantly got a cold from standing out with the previous owner in 40something degree weather in a t shirt, then driving the cart around in the same said t-shirt in 50 degree weather.
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