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Default 2002 Club Car IQ - Intermittent Power Loss w/ Beeping

Hello, I'm new here but I have looked through the forums a lot looking for my problem. I seem to find a few similar problems but they've all ended up not solving the issue.

So I have a 2002 Club Car IQ 48 V. I bought it last fall and it worked perfectly. No problems ran like a top. The only problem was that as a Golf Cart to use on my Homestead it was too low to the ground. I purchased a Jakes Lift Kit and lifted it 6" and added Swamp Fox tires as a complete kit provided by Jakes Lift Kit for my specific cart.

Immediately after installing the lift kit, the cart started acting strange. I would drive for a bit and if you ever stop accelerating the cart suddenly seems to act like a roll away, the power is lost, the cart almost is braking, and then the reverse buzzer sounds.

This happens any time you are not accelerating. So if you are going down hill and the cart is going faster than you are pressing the pedal, or you hit the top speed, or you are on flat ground an let off the accelerator because you are going fast enough, then boom the problem happens.

The problem does not happen if you are going up hill, because you are constantly accelerating to maintain speed, or if you are on level ground and you can happen to keep it accelerating (you eventually hit top speed though).

So I pounded the internet and did a bunch of research. I could find nothing that was similar, especially happening at the same time as installing a lift kit. Finally I did find the problem not relating to a lift kit, but just relating to the conditions. Evidently the 2002 IQ has a problem sometimes where the solenoid has some kind of overrun issue or something? Supposedly it was fixed in the 2003 model by a short set of wires that would be installed behind the F/R switch that had a diode inline to prevent a charge from going the wrong direction? They provided the part number which I can't find at this time, I looked everywhere and finally found it.

I ordered the part number from Club Car, it was for the 2002 and for that issue. So then I installed the part. Worked beautifully. Everything running like a champ now. I was sooo happy. We really need this Golf Cart to get around our Homestead, and I spent more than I should have just to get wheels.

And then after about a month the problem started all over again. Same exact issue. With the new part installed and everything. The new part is literally two wires, one of which has a diode inline. I don't know what is happening here. I look up the Diode part number it's a 400V - 6A diode. No problem I buy a new one online. It shows up today and I solder the new diode in place.

Install it in my Golf Cart, same issue still. I don't know what is going on. I'm at a loss, frustrated, and scared I just threw away a stack of cash I can't afford to throw away.

Any help would be appreciative.
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Default Re: 2002 Club Car IQ - Intermittent Power Loss w/ Beeping

I found the information on the part that I purchased that seemed to work for awhile:
"Solenoid Drop Out Harness" Club Car part # 102355201

That's what I installed and it worked great for another month or so. Now same exact problem.
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