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Default Battery usage on a Gas Cart - Clue me in!

I have a 2018 Yami Drive 2 efi Gas. I installed a sound bar connected to the battery via a relay to the ignition. I have spent some time playing the radio without the cart running. Ever since the cart is slooooow to take off. I assume the battery is weak. Even seems a little weak on hills but that could be my imagination. It's on a tender now.

This brings some general questions. Note: I am nowhere near a gas mechanic or an electrician but do know how to turn a wrench, connect black to black and red to red and wrap crap up with electrical tape.

If my battery is low does my cart have an alternator strong enough to get it charged again? Does it have an alternator or does the starter/generator serve that purpose? Not like I am driving it for hours like I do in my car. It would seem to me every time I stop and start the battery is just getting drained more and more. Especially just cruising around the neighborhood with the sound bar playing.

Can anyone clue me in and explain the basics of how this works when my cart starts, idles, starts up, charges, etc?

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Default Re: Battery usage on a Gas Cart - Clue me in!

The starter/generator is the power source. It charges when rpm increases, at super low speeds there is not much charging action. Your cart is not supposed to idle like a car. I am somewhat skeptical of any loss of speed being caused by the radio. The charging system isn't "super powerful", and shouldnt be dragging down the engine.
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Default Re: Battery usage on a Gas Cart - Clue me in!

I think most S/G only put out around 15 amps to recharge, and that is at a good rpm, not idling
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Default Re: Battery usage on a Gas Cart - Clue me in!

I installed a marine amp (15 amp fuse) and a 60W LED front light bar onto my '18 gas and have no issues. I also installed a ~0.4amp LED light strip under the dash to illuminate the footwell, I ran that directly off the brown wire from the back of the key which is a 10amp fuse which I figured could spare a bit of headroom. In addition, I have the lighting package.
The stereo, I'm sure, doesn't draw that much power even when it's fairly loud. But, I have no issues with all of this stuff running at once. Usually I only run the amp during the day, the lights + LED light bar, possibly, at night.

You may wired something incorrectly which is causing a lowered voltage... a low voltage could explain those types of issues.

Yesterday it started raining and my wife asked me, jokingly, to turn on the wipers. I admit, for a few seconds, I wondered if I could add those too... but then this is getting out of control :)
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Default Re: Battery usage on a Gas Cart - Clue me in!

Come off the battery to a fuse box or power switch as opposed to coming off of the ignition.

And technically yes you could recharge a low battery with the cart - but not quickly. Get a battery Tender Jr. and plug it into the trickle each night when you’re done each day, or after the weekend, whatever. Will keep that battery alive longer. And if you’re going to be running the stereo for an extended period while the cart isn’t running, you may want to look at a Marine Deep Cycle battery. More than enough CCA to turn the engine over, and will last longer under long low loads.
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